I was tagged

1.Otp? Ahahahaha, sorry there’s so many OTPs that i have friend!!

2.Favorite Youtuber? Cry!! and PewdiePie!!(so hard to choose one!)

3.One food you don’t like? Broccoli 

4.How many Senpai’s do you have? Um…hm, a lot though most people don’t know

5.Most listened artist? Evanescence 

6.Netfilx or Hulu? um..i dont watch them

7.Favorite Book? Gosh hard.Between Furnace and the Monsturologist

8.Least Favorite Anime? Hm…I’m not sure

9.Least Favorite Animal? NONE!

10. Best Person on here? Woah, hard to say. everyone’s great!!

Ok anons! I ask for you to stop the request for a couple of days please so I can do these 20-30 something other requests and when I’m done I’ll let you know so you guys can ask away but please let me do this since most of the ones I got are little comic requests. Please and thank you guys!